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Why men leave

1. He feels that she's trying to improve him.

When a man begins to feel that he’s not sufficient,

that his flaws are big, or that he cannot

be himself without judgement, he starts to find the exit door.

Women tend to weaken men by making them their projects.

Albert Einstein said, “Men marry women

and Women marry men with the hope they will never change"

always they are both frustrated.

Men do not change, and no one really needs to

– they only need to discover who they truly are.

A man can grow up and ripe with the help of

a loving and supportive partner.

2. He is intimidated by the woman's success.

In a study canalized by the University of Florida,

men experimentation a huge impact to their self-respect

when their female partners experimentation success,

even when they are not in direct competition.

A woman’s success also blows

in a negative demeanor how

the man views the future of the relationship.

If the man has not been able to obtain

the success he feels he merits,

this is a pivotal reason for him to leave the woman.

He can't to join her in her success because

he is comparing his comparison

3. She nags all the time.

Men can region out a woman’s voice most of the time.

unhappily, the constant nagging and belittling

can take a toll in a relationship.

Men may play like children, but they arn't kids.

They do not tolerate the constant whining and complaining.

Men need to feel to appreciate.

Nagging forms a negative habit

that finally is disregard and avoided.

It adds to negative strengthening

which becomes passive aggressive.

4. lack of sincerity.

Believe it or not, men to crave sincerity just

as much as women.

But, if a man has to implore for

it while the woman holds it pledge

to get him to do things, he may leave the relationship

to seek that connection with someone else.

A man will not stand by too long with

a woman who will not participate

in sincere encounters with their partner.

A man falls in love with a woman for many reasons,

but he also needs to feel

that he is the most attractive person in her life.

5. She collation him to other man..

There is nothing more annoying

to a man than listening to a woman

talk about past relationships.

When the woman starts to compare him to an ex,

that’s the beginning of the end.

Men do not want to analyze their partner’s past.

A man wants to believe he is the only one

that matters right now.

He doesn’t want to hear that a previous lover

did this or that. He wants to know

that what he is doing right now is enough.

6. Sentimental dependence

Men need their space.

A man doesn’t want to be treated as a property.

Men need their friends.

Men do not like to feel like babysitters.

When a man begins to feel that he has lost his

freedom to participate in sports,

outings or social gatherings with his friends,

the man will leave. A healthy relationship requires

that both parties have their own set of friends and hobbies.

Co-dependency tarnishes the spark of a relationship.

Men don’t over analyse this.

It is a feeling of beingconfined.

The moment they feel like

their lives have strongly been highjacked,

that’s when they break up.

Men really fear losing their freedom.

Men love women.

They fall in love with the expectancy of being appreciate,

respectabled and supported.

When he no longer feels like he is the hero of the story,

he will make a solemn resolution

in changing his relationship situation.

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