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A call to whom may concern it

I , Dr Fedallah Khaznawi, the president of the Takwa followers' association in Istanbul,

am writting this letter to indicate whom it may concern

that i have a project of universal interest,

in order to make him appreciate it by participating in its realization!

The project, in fact, is to serve the humanity in the light of new thoughts which satisfy

the Creator by opening the way for those who want to add glorious pages

onto the history of mankind , they are the true guardians of peace,

and with them I desire to struggle for a new better world.

for this aim I have written new sacred texts by an unprecedented interpretation

of the Koran, in order to save humanity from the terror ,

currently too threatening, and is manifested in

Daesh Islamic state which requires everyone to react immediately.

These divine texts will change the cuerrently too harmful, and outdated,

architecture of the Muslim world by a modern one beneficial to everyone,

they promise to turn easily the Islamophobia into a true peacemaker in the world,

and the first thing I now lacks to achieve this magnificent goal is very simply

to open to public by a TV channel my thoughts very reasonably supported by

the Bible verses, the Koran, and the religious tradition of profetes.

by these new texts, mosques and muslim schools

will no longer be capable of generating neither fanatiques crazy men,

nor seıntes wars, and neither arbitrary discrimination.

in short I intend to show to everyone

the saving fruits of sacred three principles of Koranic nation:

liberty, equality and fraternity.

I struggle to realize my progressive human ideas since the years of my studies at

the University of Damascus and Aleppo in Syria, political

and religious authorities of that time does not allow me to advance,

and i was consequently expelled in 1988, luckily

I continued to construct culturally myself in France,

the country that gave me hope

to survive in order to succeed against the terrorists,

i have been continuing my path in turkey since when

I chosed it the most suitable in 2004 , here I find the necessary elements of success,

I am still gathering young people around my ideas by all my means,

I am convinced that to achieve peace, far from any kind of terror,

we must be able to desecrate foremost

all ancient texts which create the resources of terrorists,

and this is impossible without alternative sacred texts

that I have carefully prepared, because I found that the

Muslim world is blinded victim of the passion of his past sanctified devil scripts.

Their great scollars do not even know

that the creator of the universe must absolutely hate technophobes,

and that actual prophets may be alive and earn

the achievement of international Nobel medals,

their current situation which is worse than ever agrave than that of dark ages in Europe.

my membership in the family of Khaznawi, which is considerded actualy as

one of the greatest religious leaders in muslim countries

gives me a great opportunity to apply my sociocultural remedies.

My capability to speak the traditional Arabic,

Turkish, Kurdish, English, and French language can plead the success of my project.

I have taught Kurdish during the year 1990 at the Paris Kurdish Institute,

and now I am teaching it with the French language in my organization

that I direct for the same goal of my project.

I am known as Kurdish poet since thirty years by publishing

my poems through various illegal channels due to ethnic discrimination.

Innumerable poetry evenings, during which

I went up on stage to recite my poems revealing of my current project will demonstrate

my ability in the cultural and social field that I chose to fight against terror.

The activities of my association currently in practice are musical, sporting, social,

and cultural. We published until now several written and audiovisual works

that relate especially faith in Allah,

Muhammad and all the ritual acts that shape the Muslim religion.

There are more than one thousand four hundred poetic lines in

Kurdish ready to be published, I have composed them as chants

on new concepts about my project to abolish religious superstitions,

which have soiled a large part of the human brain since the seventh century.

There is also a 600 page book that I just written in Arabic

that summarize my interpretation without précidente all ancient sacred texts,

and it alone will suffice to destroy the terror pillars that bear the states like that the Daich

our association calls all people who feel themself concerned

in the realization of such human sacred projects!

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