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5 Healthy Reasons To eat Eggs

Beneficial To Hair And Skin

Eggs have been contain B complex vitamins that are very essentially

for the healthy condition appearance of your hair, eyes, liver, and skin.

Eggs are a wonderful source for brain food as well for they contain B2, B% and B12.

*Beneficial For Bones And Teeth

Eggs also contain a vitamin D which is used to help amplify

the healthiness of your bones and teeth, as to strengthen them.Calcium is

absorbed and is used for the functionality of your metabolism, colon, and heart

*Prevents The Risk Of Heart Diseases

Eggs have been known to increase the raise in l-d-l cholesterol which means

that it can enlarge small forms of l-d-l particles that can help reduce

the risk of obtaining any heart diseases.

* Beneficial To Immune System

Eating an egg every day can help reduce the likeliness of having viruses,

diseases, infections and are able to boost your immune system

it also helping regulate your thyroid hormones.

*Beneficial For Emotional Stress And Anxiety

Eggs have been to help with the functionality of our mental health just

from the deficiency of the nine amino acids that are within eggs.

The adjusting of serotonin in the nervous system, diets that contain

lysine can greatly decrease levels of stress and anxiety.

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