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Five mind blowing facts

Five 5 mind blowing facts about your body

1.there are sixty thousand (60,000) miles of blood vessels in the human body.

that’s enough to wrap around the world two one/two (1/2) times

2. there are more cells in your body than stars in the galaxy.

there are around seventy five (75) to hundred ( 100 )trillion cells

in you making up your entire body,

let me say that again seventy five (75) to 100 TRILLION cells when you compare this

to the four hundred (400) billion stars in our galaxy,

you can contemplate just how much encompasses your existence.

if you ever feel small, remember,

there are more cells in your body than stars in our galaxy

3.the Cells in your body react to everything that your mind says.

the mind controls every function of the body,

and you are able to control your mind.

positive thoughts can strengthen your immune system

while negative thoughts can bring it down.

it has even been shown that simple changes in the language

you use can change your physiology.

4. every seven years your body completely replaces itself

the cells that make up your body

are dying and being replaced all the time.

so much so that as you read this sentence roughly

twenty-five million (25,000,000) of your cells have died.

But don’t worry today you will make three hundred (300) billion more.

this happens so often that every seven-ten( 7-10) years

you have a completely new body of cells.

kind of makes you think, if you have a completely

new body every few years, seven years ago,

the body you have now did not exist,

so if not your body than who are you?

5. you are made of stardust.

Yes you are literally made of stardust.

the carbon, nitrogen and oxygen atoms in our bodies,

as well as atoms of all other heavy elements,

were created in previous generations

of stars over half four and half (4.5)billion years ago.

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