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Intelligence types

There are eight types of intelligence

1.Logical Reasoning :

Calculating, classifying, and finding patterns are all your strong suits.

You like to experiment, solve puzzles, and identify relationships.

You light up at the idea of a "deductive reasoning" exercise.

This is the other most highly regarded intelligence in traditional education,

so you have probably done well in school.

2.Verbal Linguistic :

You learn best through reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

You probably enjoy writing poetry and stories.

You're good at identifying grammar errors


and you may have a talent for learning foreign languages.

This is traditionally one of the most highly

prized intelligences in education systems worldwide,

meaning it is likely that you have been successful in your scholarly pursuits.

3.Visual Spatial :

You have an excellent ability to draw, visualize, and design.

You benefit greatly from having access to pictures, diagrams, and other visual aids.

You enjoy puzzles and mazes


and you can visualize and manipulate objects with your mind's eye.

4.Bodily Kinesthetic :

You learn best through touch and movement.

You process information through the body and may have fine tuned motor skills.

People probably say that you are well coordinated and athletic.

You usually need to do something to remember it

and you may have a hard time working at a desk all day

5.Auditory Musical :

You understand and appreciate the art of music.

You do well at listening, composing and performing music.

You use rhythms and patterns to understand things.

You can probably remember and even replicate


a sound or listening passage you have only heard once.

6.Interpersonal : (People Smart)

You enjoy socializing, sharing, conducting interviews and cooperating.

People may considered you extroverted and or empathetic to others.

You are an excellent group leader and team player.

7.Intrapersonal (Self Smart)

intrapersonal intelligent people are highly skilled at understanding themselves.

You are introspective, independent, and self motivated.

You learn best by working alone and setting individual goals.

8.Naturalistic :

Naturalistic learners feel a connection to the earth.

You learn by working with nature.

People may say you have a green thumb or that you are an animal whisperer.

In school, you always loved having class outside and

you may have engaged in hobbies such as bird watching or rock collecting.

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