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The Designer

who is God? and what is his true name?

of course, since the very beginning of the humanity,

every smart man understands the truth of his being created by

someone who owns an extraordinary puissance ,

unique, and cannot be denied! so, we do not need to reconfirm

the existence of a creator being the owner of that unlimited huge puissance,

however, the only important point in this life is the definition of the relationship

between us and this creator who has the responsibility of our well being .

he must be absolutely wise and clever, we must recognize him only through

the study of his creatures, simply because

we cannot have another choice, we are not able to go beyond the bounders

of the perceptible nature.

we have to study the effects of his puissance and follow its traces

without trying to exceed the limits of our perception capacities. Anyway ,

we witness that nothing can persist in its existence without obeying certain

laws applied everywhere by one designer who cannot be other than the creator,

conclusively, if we do not respect this

unique choice we lose soon

our mind and the superstitions will invade our thoughts,

a multiple gods will jump onto the theatre of life,

and a lot of religions will occupy it. this is exactly the bad situation

that we are suffering today, it throws us in a severe spiritual

disorders, a factors which hide themselves behind

all of our psychological diseases producing social upsets.

it is time to verify the reasons of having bad emotions, resulting

from false religions, because emotions are motors of behaviors! I mean,

if we want to be happy , we must urgently answer correctly

the question of «who is god»

by scientific researches !

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