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Sincerely speaking


The real cure of all our diseases.

Today the religion everywhere, sincerely speaking, doesn't correspond the divine manners ; simply because the true way to build the relationship with the creator is deviated from the right one. Now the question is what is the right approach to recognize the above mentioned true way? of course, our guide cannot be other than our mind, consecutively , the unique approach must be the study of the creatures which will talk about the definition of our common creator, then we will see clearly the right way which is necessary to build a suitable relationship with him , and finally the religion which corresponds his divine manners will be evidently found , doubtlessly it will be universal, prosperously productive, peaceful, thoroughly consisted from justice, freedom, and equality . it will be like the pure water which irrigates all botanic roots without distinguishing between them, I mean that the true religion will apply exactly the same instructions in dealing with human beings, there will be no more mindless approaches or superstitions , no more sacred persons, no more bibles, no more sacred soils, no more sacred times, and so on until the end of the criminal list ! consecutively love will surely grow everywhere in the world...

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