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Warm Christmas

Christmas is around the corner. When I walk alone through the cold,

snow-covered streets in the evening, bright lights and candles shine from all the windows.

A smell of gingerbread is in my nose and everyone is talking about the feast of love.

I wanted nothing more than to be by my side these days.

I would open my winter coat wide and lay it around you to warm you.

My scarf I would loop from my neck up to your neck and I would give you my left glove.

My cap will warm your ears.

Do you really know that I can hardly look forward to the Christmas holidays without you and

that I would rather not let the Christmas man into the house at all?

Without you the Christmas season is simply not the same.

I want to bake with you peppermint.

I would like to wrap you in wrapping paper and tie my most beautiful ribbon around it.

I want to crack nuts with you and watch you smile in the candlelight.

I would like to carry a Christmas tree with you and decorate it with tinsel, balls and chocolate.

I want to put your hands in my hands and warm them till morning.

I would like to walk with you through our streets every evening on Christmas Eve and look forward to illuminated parlors.

You're my best Christmas angel.

I'm in love with you.

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