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Christmas Magic

I am writing this letter because I carry so many wonderful feelings for you in me that want to get out.

If I were to face you, I would be afraid to forget one sentence.

Since today is Christmas, the Feast of Love, I felt once again how glad I am to know you on this day by my side.

This celebration has its own Christmas magic around you, but you lose that feeling quickly when you grow up.

With you, however, I return to this magic.

You create so much Christmas magic that it would be enough for the whole world.

But you do it only for me. I never thought this festival could be so romantic.

You can make me feel excited and enjoy your gift again,

and when I open your gift, I feel like a little child again.

You radiate for me like all the lights in the Christmas season together and

I hope quite simply that this continues for many years.

I do not want to celebrate Christmas without you.

I am so glad that you are there,

because you make me happy with your Christmas magic.

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