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The greatest Christmas wish

Today I've often thought of you.

It is snowing everywhere, the lights of the Christmas decoration glittering everywhere.

If you were with me now, we could go for a walk together in the snow, then maybe drink a hot tea.

Everything is more beautiful when we are together.

We have not known each other for so long, but I still have the feeling of being close to you in a very special way.

We are so familiar. If you say something, I know exactly how you mean it.

No misunderstandings arise. However, there is already something I do not know how it is meant.

I have the feeling that your looks also tell me something, but I'm not sure if I interpret them correctly.

That's why I am writing this Christmas letter to you now.

For me, you have become a very important human being, without whom I can not imagine my life at all.

I do not want it. It would make me very happy if you could take much more space in my life.

I want more than a friendship with you.

You are the man with whom I want to do as much as possible together.

With you it is even fun to be silent together. From your facial expression, I can see what you think then.

In any case, I have the feeling of knowing what you are going through at such moments.

The proximity to you makes me happy. So I would like to ask you how you are with me.

Can you imagine that the proximity between us is getting bigger?

Do you want it?

If it were, it would make me very happy.

It is my greatest Christmas wish. I hope he will come true.

Dear Christmas greetings,

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