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Christmas time is cuddling time

Since I know you, my life has become richer and more colorful.

I did not know that there could be so much happiness.

I'd like to sit with you under the Christmas tree and unpack gifts.

Christmas time is cuddling time!

There is nothing more pleasant than having breakfast and

having fun on the couch after a long winter walk.

Best with a cup of hot cocoa under a soft blanket, into which we can nibble together.

For a long time I thought about what I could give you and perhaps even found the right one.

But since I want to give you something not only with something material, I also write with this letter in your heart.

Words are often so banal and do not even express what I really feel.

I use them anyway, because they are our language.

You can hear them, feel and see them in your heart.

A love letter is something unique, it is a snapshot, and yet it goes much further, perhaps to the end of life.

At the moment, however, I do not want to look so far into the future.

Christmas is coming and I'll give you a giant package of dark red hearts with a bow that adorns thousands of kisses.

I give you the magic of love and I want you to share this magic with me.

If you want, I'll take every single snowflake with my hands and wear it to you,

I'll build with you as many snowmen as you want and if you have enough,

I'll take you in my arms and kiss your hands warm again.

I do not know a more beautiful gift than to be with you and I hope that you as well.

I wish for a rushing feast of love, our love.

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