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Three wishes and a secret

Dearest ...,

In this letter I would like to tell you a secret.

As a child I loved the winter of all seasons the most.

I especially liked the weeks around Christmas.

While I spent my afternoons between January and November outside with the other children,

I usually stayed at home during the Advent season. Just to not miss a moment of the cozy atmosphere.

The chimney fire crackled comfortably, an aromatic smell of baked apples pulled through the house.

Grandpa told stories, Grandma kneaded biscuit dough.

I should write my wish list on which every year no more than three wishes were allowed.

This was always an exciting moment! For what does not one want as a small child?

Even now I feel very excited, although it is easy now for me to choose three wishes.

I have not betrayed them to anybody, but now I want to reveal myself.

First of all, I want you to read my lines. That proves that I am not the same to you.

Second, I want you to know I'd like to be with you. Since I first saw you, I wear your image in me.

I always hear your pleasant voice, although you have never spoken to me.

I like how you go and how you are watching your environment. I like you just the way you are. I'm in love with you.

My last wish is that you dare to give me a sign if you feel as much as I do.

Please give me a small smile, a gentle eye-contact, or an understanding nod.

Everything else is done by itself. Maybe we'll get closer.

Maybe we'll go through life together soon.

If my open words had frightened you, I beg your pardon.

I did not mean to take you by surprise.

Rather, I wanted once again to be the little child who believes in the fulfillment of his dreams.

I longingly await your answer.

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