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Eternal ribbon with ribbon

All the best ...,

Today is your birthday and I've been thinking about what I should give you for a long time.

Something special should be something you will never forget, something you will never forget.

This is a difficult task and yet easy to solve.

I give you my love, wrapped in beautiful gift paper with a dark red ribbon on it.

My love is not too big and not too small, not too hard and not too soft.

My love is unique and it is only for you. When you open my gift, do not tear at the loop and the paper.

Open the packaging gently and carefully.

Piece by piece, the sleeves will fall and you will hold the most beautiful in your hands, what a man can only get.

It is priceless! You can not buy it, do not negotiate and do not force it.

The only thing you can do is to give love a fertile ground and wait for it to enter.

Ever since you came into my life, everything has changed drastically.

My thoughts are no longer the same, and my words often sound angular,

because the quake in me does not want to rest.

Your birthday is a wonderful occasion to tell you that you have become so important to me.

We spent a lot of time together in the last few weeks.

The days passed by as if in flight, and my heart has grown a beat every day.

Madness, it sometimes hits so loud that I mean you have to hear it.

Somewhere deep inside me, I feel to feel that you are so synonymous.

I believe that a solid bond binds us. No matter how many years you count, I can not and will not imagine it tearing.

Yes, I know it's your birthday, but I still want you to win your heart.

In return I give you mine for it. Look at this letter as a voucher, embellished by an eternal band with a loop.

You can redeem it at any time ...

A thousand Kisses,

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