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Friendly feelings

Dear) ...!

Normal people get older every year, but you'll just get better.

And once a hundred candles shine on your birthday, they are still shining with the light of your eyes.

Let us fly, at least in the imagination, to the celebration of your day of honor,

before breakfast with my imaginary private jet to Paris to start the day at the Eiffel Tower with sparkling wine and croissants.

Then we'll go to New York, where there will be "Happy Birthday" on all the light boxes on the Time Square and

the people will cheer you. In the afternoon, we celebrate with all your friends on a beautiful beach in Hawaii.

And after the romantic sunset there is still a huge fireworks display in your honor.

We are both sitting comfortably in my private jet, high above the clouds, outside the stars,

and hundreds of shooting stars meet all your desires.

It was wonderful to be part of your life. We are good friends and not a couple.

But I have enjoyed every moment near you as if we were freshly in love.

I do not know if these are just friendly feelings, or more.

Your humor, your strength, your amiability, and above all, I find you just fantastic.

But the fact that you are there is a gift for me, which I can not balance with any birthday present.

For your next year I wish you only one thing:

May all your wishes meet even without shooting stars! And I also wish for something, quite selfish:

May I also be your next birthday part of your life.

Happy Birthday! Wishes you with all your heart

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