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Most important day of the year

Dear) ...,

Today is again the day that I mark on every calendar as the most important day of the year: your birthday.

I congratulate you warmly and I wish you all the best in your new year.

Stay healthy and lively - and if I may wish for anything: stay as you are.

You know that in my life the sun rose with your birth.

At that time, of course, we had no idea of ​​our future together,

but I believe we have always been meant for each other.

Warmly, I feel it trickling through my heart

when I imagine how sweetly you were already on your first day of life.

It's a pity that we did not get to know each other back then.

But the next few years were perhaps like a time of preparation for our meeting.

Darling, my sun, you are the most important person in my life.

I can not imagine anything without you.

No day, no night, no minute, if I did not know, there is next to me in this world.

This is especially true to me today, on your birthday.

You have so much to give away, simply by your nature and your loving kind.

For this I give to you, every year anew my heart.

One hundred candles burn in it, every one shines for you, for my love for you.

And yet nothing can shine like you, my sun, as your eyes, when you look at me.

That's why I whisper to you today, how much I love you, and kiss you without end.

In love your ...

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