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Stars in the sky

For your birthday, I really wanted to get you the stars from heaven.

But then I thought to myself that these flashing, flashing things belong to the firmament.

There and nowhere else will they shine!

This is the only way we can glimpse the sky together in a balmy summer night and admire the glow of the stars.

They belong to the heavenly sphere as you are to me and I to you.

They are part of infinity, just as my love for you is infinite.

What are the stars for heaven, you are for me.

Your warmth, your cheerfulness, your joy in life and your love for me, which I feel every day anew, all this makes you.

If you are not with me, it is as if a part of me is missing. Only you make me complete ... happy!

Instead of the stars in the heavens, I place my heart in your hand, for you are a star yourself.

Your light illuminates the day and the night.

Let us guard our love well, it is infinitely worth!

Congratulations my darling!

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