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Time in flight

Today you celebrate your birthday and I also wish to congratulate you heartily and wish you all love and goodness.

Just today I would like to tell you again, what I feel for you.

You are for me the most precious and dearest person to whom I have opened my heart.

I can not wait to close you in my arms and whisper into your ears delicate love words.

Your warmth and confidence make me particularly happy.

How time flies! When I think of our beautiful hours together, I do not want to miss you a minute.

You are the person who is most important to me in the world, and for whom I would do all that is in my power.

Your laughter, your warmth and your feelings for me are above all present to me today.

How beautiful you are. Without you, my life and the world would be a lot less.

When I look at you, look into your faithful eyes, I feel deepest affection and want our love never to end.

I am so happy that we are happy together, so that we can be assured of the dark days of our love.

Today, on Your Day of Honor, I would like to reaffirm our love.

Nothing and no one shall ever separate us.

Do you hear how beautiful the birds are? Especially for you, my darling, they sing a special birthday song.

I would prefer to join and present a little serenade, but I prefer to leave it to our feathered friends.

The sun, the moon and the stars now also show off their best side and shine even brighter.

The clouds are waving to you, and an air of smoke whispers softly: all love.

I would love to write across the sky: I love you.

It is not easy to find the right words, and sometimes I get a bit annoyed that I can not really do it.

Forgive me my darling, but I think you understand me and that is why I kiss you a thousand times.

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