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Queen of my heart

Today, on your birthday, I wish you, my eyestern, all you heartily hope for.

Above all health, happiness and blessings, but also that our love and deep affection never end.

For that is the main object, which should be the first priority even in the long time in which we know each other.

I know sometimes I'm a little taciturn and can not show my feelings to you as much as you might want.

But I am sure that you understand me and feel deep in your heart what I feel for you.

This has shown all our common years, which we have spent together in love and respect.

And that is exactly what I want to say to you today.

That you are the fascinating woman, whom I value not only the most, but whom I trust unconditionally,

but also sincerely love with all my heart.

I know such confessions are often difficult to me, if not rarely, from my lips.

And sometimes it is so that I think you'd rather have a compliment done.

She has not only earned it, but it will flatter her like precious jewels.

So I would just like to take your present birthday as an occasion to confirm that only you are the queen of my heart.

Have I recently told you how attractive you are still for me, I can hardly put it in words.

Even now you are for me the most attractive woman I have ever met.

I know that ups and downs were not a rarity within our relationship.

But that is part of life, both the sunny days and those who could not amuse our hearts.

Still, you were always at my side and I have not doubted your loyalty to me for a moment.

I hope you see it the same way.

Forgive me, if so many words come a little rough, but I am not a poet.

Otherwise I would have sung you long ago, praised your special charisma and your engaging manner.

Take this modest letter as the testimony of my sincere love for you, which will never lose its power.

You can be sure of that. And if you doubt me anyway, read this letter again and your worries will soon fly.

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